Rural Municipality of

 Fox Valley No. 171


Fox Valley is located in southwest, central Saskatchewan, 50 km south of Leader and 42 km from the Alberta border. It is served by provincial Highways 21 and 371.


The name of Fox Valley was chosen because a Mr. Stromm, who ran a stopping  place, could go into the valley where the village is situated, and capture fox pups for pets. When the C.P.R. came through in 1924, they adopted the name Fox Valley for the terminal. The name may have also orginated from German settlers as there exists today as Fuchstall (Fox Valley) in Germany.


Fox Valley was incorporated as a village in 1928.


Fox Valley's Mainstay of the economy orginally was agriculture. Since the late 1980's, natural gas development has continued to increase in the area, resulting in a large increase in the industrial economy. This is a thriving community with business development and interesting attractions encompassing the area.


The Great Sandhills are located only 15 miles from Fox Valley and are a source of enjoyment for both tourists and local residents. As well, Cypress Hills Provincial Park is locaed 50 km south of Fox Valley. Other sites of interest include tours of the local Bison, Alpaca farms and fully modern Hutterite Colony and Schmidt's flourmill will be enjoyed by all.